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trying so fckn hard to learn how to draw and i can't, i just fucking can't, i guess some people are just not born with what it takes. it's been months and i've been through 17093 video tutorials and practice and whatever you can imagine and everything is just as sloppy and noobish as ever. i don't know what i'm doing. i don't know how to do things. i can't draw, i can't render, i can't pick the right color and i hate everyone that can make good art with a burning passion the rage i feel is irrational and i want to kms
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Josuhan in which Rohan is still supposedly dead from the first time he was killed by Kira. A little like that happened to BruGio but not really. Rohan apparently continues to live and breathe, but he gradually starts noticing that something isn't right. When it comes to his relationship with Josuke, Rohan has always been sort of a jerk, so it takes some time and struggle until Josuke starts to notice that the reason why Rohan has been extra rude lately is because he isn't well. He confronts Rohan many times but Rohan doesn't have the courage to tell him that he might be dead.
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Purple Haze Feedback Quotes and Thoughts [2]

Fugo lay on an uncomfortable bed in a cheap hotel, staring
at the ceiling.
If Buccellati had not come to see him, what would have
happened to him?
He could never have survived in the normal world, but
being a member of the mob from the get go had been such a huge
advantage it was hard to imagine what other course he could have
No...I saw it with my own eyes.
Fugo had seen a boy whose life had been very much like
Fugo's could have been. Narancia Ghirga.
If I hadn't...

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Purple Haze Feedback Quotes and Thougts [1]

"Giorno joined the gang specifically to defeat the boss and
take over. Buccellati was helping him all along. Makes sense,
doesn't it? You don't look surprised. The moment he joined our
team, Giorno was no ordinary recruit. He never seemed like a
rookie, and Buccellati always treated him like a trusted partner, not
a subordinate. Giorno insists they were even partners, but truth
is...Buccellati was working for Giorno. That's how it felt to me,
anyway. He was ready to give his life for Giorno's dream – and he
did. Took Diavolo with him."

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